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05-02-2013, 04:14 PM
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Originally Posted by dnicks17 View Post
It's **** like that where an "eye for an eye" type of punishment should be legal.

That kid deserves everything(and more) that happened to that dog to be done to him.

A couple of broken legs before he gets thrown into a cell would be a good start.
While I'm disgusted as the next guy at this I'm even more disgusted when a "man" treats his wife, lady, and or children this way which is frequent in this area and for which the guy gets a slap on the wrist, maybe some community hours, take anger management or family violence program, maybe get no contact order, have contact anyway and rinse, lather, repeat. Endless cycle.

This is OT, so this should be allowed, but theres people that have been reported for physical abuse of spouse 10 times and nothing happens to them. Police get annoyed with the reports because nothing happens in court, they feel helpless always responding to the same calls, and seeing the same couples. Locked in un-matrimony.

If you know one of these abusers, or even suspect it, don't let it pass. It gets worse, invariably.

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