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01-01-2004, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Legionnaire
Now if you are going to claim that Silienger was hurt, then why did he wait several second before he jumped on him. My guess, is that he kept talking ****, so he obviously wasn't hurt that bad....And by "hurt" do you mean the kind of hurt that most hockey players go through a couple of times a game? Because I've seen players "fall" to the ice harder than Sillinger was thrown down.
I agree with this 100%... maybe Sillinger embellished the injury just a bit to sell it to the refs. I think Avery got frustrated and took it out on Sillinger. According to some Kings (I don't have a link, sorry) they said the Yotes were shoving, pushing, hitting, spearing Avery all night and there were no calls. Obviously this is based solely on reputation. So Avery blows up on Sillinger.

It kind of reminds me of Forsberg's hit on Cloutier the other night (though of course, this was not as bad as what Avery did). Cloutier was grabbing Forsberg's stick during and after Forsberg and Jovo's little altercation in front of the net. Forsberg gets frustrated and pissed so he hits Cloutier below the belt.

Once again, I'm not happy with what Avery did... he should've handled it differently.

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