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05-02-2013, 05:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Clock View Post
It's the principal of the thing.

Yes, I always have internet flowing through my house at almost all times, and no, this probably wouldn't really affect me.

But still - no. Consoles are pretty locked-down as is. I don't think that piracy was really rampant with the 360. That Microsoft wants to somehow crack down HARDER on me, a paying customer, and essentially punish me if my internet DOES go out, is offensive to me. A single player game SHOULD NOT REQUIRE AN INTERNET CONNECTION. There's no way I'm buying this thing if it even allows publishers to not allow me to play a game I bought because my internet is down or, what is a much more likely scenario that everyone forgets for some reason, that Microsoft's servers or the publisher's servers are down.

This crap is going to get worse and worse as long as customers put up with it.
Piracy was and is a huge problem, you can download the games and play them offline rather easily these days by just burning them to disc. Microsoft themselves won't be saying you need to always be connected, it'll be EA, Ubiosoft, etc, that will supplement their $20 multiplayer passes and stuff with these authentication requests to determine if you're the original owner or if it is a legit copy.

While that sucks for a lot of aspects, I am positive there will be only a select few games that come out with always connected to the internet requirements and that will be because it is Sim-Cityesque where your interactions change your neighbors interactions in live time. Most of the time it will be a one off authentication check that will just require temporary connection to your wifi.

I don't understand why people are ready to take their stand here, when companies like EA have been stealing money for their DLC passes for years and multiplayer passes and all kinds of crap to mess with the used game market and to push out incomplete games to customers to meet a yearly turnaround time. That's the real crime, not Microsoft allowing for a certain technology type to be used.

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