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05-02-2013, 05:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
Their normal pricing may be sustainable, but this thread is about playoff tickets going unsold, and most importantly that playoff tickets were raised [apparently] past the point of equilibrium. A few hundred unsold isn't a threat to their business or price model, but it is a bellwether that they're exceeding what their market will bear for playoff gate pricing.
And teams set their budgets at the beginning of each with a certain number of playoff games in mind. For a good team like Vancouver that number might be something like 6.

Within that you have expected revenue based on the total gate you expect for each game. If the gate falls lower than expected, then in the future you will budget for less money to come in, therefore you will plan for less money to go out.

The NHL has a cap, so it wont impact payroll, but it could impact other things; like the number of people who work under the GM (assistants, scouts, etc).

Vancouver up until this year was operating like one of the top dogs in the league, but if this softness continues, adjustments will be made. Like I said, its up to the fans if they want to be a mid market team or a big market team.

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