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05-02-2013, 06:03 PM
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Originally Posted by MattMartin View Post
They are the worst ever. Bunch of arrogant whining babies.

Why I loathe them.

1) They think the NHL only really counted when Sid started playing hockey.
2) They said we "gooned it up" in the 3rd last night. The only player with any fighting experience is my namesake.
3) They think Marty Reasoner is a "goon"
4) They won 5-0 last night and you would think that would be good enough. Instead there were posts of:
"I'd rather beat the **** **** out them than score more goals".
"The reffing in this game has been nothing short of hilariously inept"
"Tavares is getting mugged out there.I want Murray to level him"
"Don't call anything and then the Isles proceed to goon it up like the little girls they are."
"Right now is the time for someone to absolutely obliterate Tavares. Do it, do it now."
"Typical **** from this garbage organization"
"Matt Martin is a clown And the Islanders are the clown car of NHL franchises. So match made in heaven? Y/Y?

Was it so long ago that the Penguins were basement dwellers themselves? Did they quickly forget they had money,arena, and ownership troubles? Did they forget they got 3 #1 picks? Did they forget in 2011 when we laid a beating on them and Mario cried but yet his team lead the NHL in fighting majors and employed a guy by the name of Matt Cooke?

Their fans remind me of those kids in high school who's parents were rich and the bragging of how they are better then us "common folks".

Last night apparently Douglas Murray wanted to fight Hamonic at the end of the game but Hamonic was "scared" and this was said by Murray himself. The Penguins fans loved it and they were yapping saying he is "awesome". Yet when Martin challenged Morrow last night and Morrow didn't want any part they conveniently said "we were up 5-0, why should he fight"

Are they really that clueless?????????
I mean talk about ignorance and arrogance, it's truly befuddling.

I have now become a fan of 2 teams in the NHL, the Islanders and anyone (including the Rangers) that plays them.

I think I abided by the rules but let me tell you something this is just a microcosm of how I really feel. I'm somehow praying I can get to meet some of these Aho*** and smash their pee wee brains in.
I love how you knew the first place to go to vent about how ****** the Pens are is RIGHT HERE. Welcome.

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