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05-02-2013, 07:32 PM
Xavier Laflamme
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These hits are very common in the NHL today. Could a hit like Letang put on JT end up in injury? Sure, just as any hit in any possible manner could. Both guys are battling for position on a loose puck, they both prepare for the other to make contact, and Tanger initiates first. I disagree that Tavares didn't know the hit was coming. The guy has great awareness, he's not stupid and he even braces for contact before it was even made. It certainly didn't catch him by surprise. The only call that could be made here is interference. In this situation, it's either hit or be hit. Letang hit first. Hockey's physical, especially in the playoffs. There's nothing wrong with this particular play or those type of hits in general as long as the target area is in the chest or shoulder. I see nothing wrong here.

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