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05-02-2013, 06:47 PM
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Even if he was available (which he's not), its a VERY easy no for Nashville. The trade value simply isnt there.

None of Edmontons "big 4" come all that close to Weber in value.... And your proposal is centered around the least valuable of the big 4? Come on, get real.

Weber is a perennial Norris contender, top 2-3 at his position in the world, and probably considered the 6th-7th best player in the world. Eberle does have decent value, but not nearly enough to land Weber, and the other pieces dont make up for it.

Legitimately, I think he'd be worth Hall + Kefbom + 2013 1st, maybe more. So upgrades Eberle to Hall, upgrades Petry to Kefbom, and upgrades the 2014 1st to the 2013 one. And it doesnt matter if you as an Edmonton fan think its too much, Edmonton isnt the team setting the price, Nashville is. And they would want something a lot closer to that proposal than to the OP proposal. Even then, theyre trading a top 10 player in the world for three pieces, all of which are almost guaranteed to not be as good.,

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