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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
? It seems like you applaud the lack of community values and associated anomie that comes with it thats so effecting young people in a world without clear values. Thats too bad.
I won't comment on the whole, as it seems either I don't understand what you mean, or either you don't understand what I mean.
Situation is:
1- We don't know what happened at the Gill's home, whether the parents did multiple interventions or whether they didn't. We don't know how manipulative (or not) was the son, etc. In my regards, since we don't know those things, who are we do give blanket judgements?
2- Not everyone copes with situations the same way. Sometimes I do disagree with how someone treats a situation, but those people tend to think what they are doing is the best they can. How can we fault them for doing what they think is the best, even if it isn't? In the end, there isn't a book of truths around to check if your answer or the neighbours answers is really the good one.

And yet, some posters will say that the family is definately to blame? Heh...

About what you just wrote, well no, I don't agree that everyone should have the same values. I probably don't have the same values as you, and you probably don't have the same values as many people in this forum, yet we're all functionnal happy individuals. I disagree with the values that are vehiculated through the medias and the image that society projects to youth, yet the real way to solve this imo, is by acting the way you have your values and just not by blaming everyone but yourself. Do you buy clothes at outfits that use cladly dressed juveniles in their ads? Do you buy products from companies that promote societal inequities? Or when you buy you just take the best deal without considering the rest? Passing judgement over what you do or don't won't change a thing in this world, while acting in the sense of your values will. That's what I believe in. I like to think that people that I know start asking themselves questions about what's wrong in this world and what they can do about it instead of *****ing about this and that and putting the blame on others. As to the current "community" values, I can't really applaud them or support them, as I think that these values are full of general hypocrisy. Don't you think it's odd that while Canadians have as a high priority the "environment", Canada is a country where the laws are soft in regards to preserving the environment and our investments towards increasing environment quality is low compared to other industrial countries? How about the number of people that "arrosent leur gazon" all summer long? There's a whole lot of difference between what's your "up front" values and how you really act. I also believe that you don't get imposed values, they must grow on you otherwise it's just an outside shield that you wave when someone looks.

Edit: Just did correct a few sentences. As well, I do my best to express myself clearly, but english ain't my first langage and I don't usually debate all that much in english either, so sometimes sentences may not sound totally right, especially since you don't do a draft and then a final revision on message boards before posting. I apologize for that, so please try to find the meaning behind what I'm expressing and not the words at face value. Thanks.

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