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Originally Posted by Highway to Cap Hell View Post
So because he's not a "playmaker", he isn't a top 6 center?
Precisely my point. Let me break it down in this Wikipedia definition of a Center.

The centre (or center in the United States) in ice hockey is a forward position of a player whose primary zone of play is the middle of the ice, away from the side boards. Centres have more flexibility in their positioning and are expected to cover more ice surface than any other player. Centres are ideally stronger, faster skaters who can back check quickly from deep in the opposing zone. Generally, centres are expected to be gifted passers more so than goal scorers, although there are exceptions. They are also expected to have exceptional "ice vision", intelligence, and creativity. In addition they also generally are the most defensively oriented forward on the ice. Centres usually play as part of a line of players that are substituted frequently to keep fresh and the game moving. First liners are usually the top players, although some top players make the second line to allow for offensive scoring opportunities.
The whole thing is important, but lets focus on the bolded part.

Jordan Staal lacks being a gifted passer and his "ice vision", intelligence, and creativity are low-end compared to a prototypical top-6 Center. Victor Rask has all of these traits, he is a playmaking Center.

However, Jordan Staal may be the best in the NHL at playing the defensively oriented Center role. He back-checks very well, he is big and strong, and he can shut down opposing forwards in the most important defensive forward position.

If put in a winger role, Jordan would be allowed more freedom to battle along the boards, spend more time around the net using his big body as a screen, and have the ability to find seams in which to use his shot and score some more goals.

Posting point totals is almost meaningless. Ovechkin scores a ton of points but he wouldn't make a good Center.


I should also add that we already have Eric Staal who isn't a great playmaker, but the addition of Semin (a high-end playmaking winger which are rare in the NHL) allowed him to thrive and play at an elite level. It is unlikely the Canes will find another Semin to boost Jordan. Meanwhile other teammates, especially Skinner, are hurting because they don't have a skilled pivot who can dish them passes like Semin does to Eric/Tlusty. I'm really hoping that Victor Rask is the solution this need.

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