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05-02-2013, 09:49 PM
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Start price tmrw, needs to redeem himself, specifically for weak tying goal.

You can hate all you want on price, but main problem is ****** inexperienced team with a few stars. This is not a competitive team, and half the team would never get min on a real competitive team. Not many people have fully recognized the overachieving this team has done (well at least MB wasn't fooled by this years results, given his stance on trade deadline) this season.

As much as price has been below acceptable, people that are not primarily pretty occupied and heavily influenced by a results oriented philosophy, can fully acknowledge for example what a benefit for any team to have price in nets and also that this team is over performing due to variables that are hard to control (what some call luck, what others call being in a favorable environment).
Want to point out that I'm not saying prices results are fully due to the teams mistakes, I acknowledge that he hasn't been good lately, more a combo of both, basically whole team playing bad, as team. Too many weak links on this team. Next few years will be a joy to watch, not so much now. fans seemed to have built so much expectations over this ridiculously short season, that it seems the only way to deal with a failure is hate. Whether its goalie (who is usually directly correlated with the yes success any given night), or "softness", or designated ****** center of the season.


Team will bite back and well see a long series and maybe a win to next round. This team has character and big reason why it has out performed for 40 games, despite a pretty weak roster and completely inexperienced depth, if any.

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