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09-17-2006, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by mac-sniper View Post
alrite boys and girls, we know fashions a huge part of hockey whether its bures flaps, jammy's pants riding high, or ricci's ridiculous do u guys wear ur stuff?

i have white grafs, gotta have the tongue outs like kovalev...i pull my socks up like an inch or two so u can see the shinpad.

as well i leave my zippers undone on the side thigh part of my pants like thorntons...thats so sick lookin, makes u look so fast. also on my pants i have that pad that goes on ur back there..dirty.

i wear a jersey as big as i can, looks like i can fly...(i can't tho). i tuck half my jerz in.

i never wear my shoulder pads..i have all black gear and a set of all blue gear too from hs.]

how do u guys sport your stuff?
i don't give a **** how i look when i play. i just wear it and not worry about picking up chicks in the middle of the game

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