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05-02-2013, 10:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Inferno View Post
who cares about the post. He made the stops he had to. Henrik didn't.

I'm not saying we lost because of Henrik...I'm saying we lost because Henrik did not outplay Holtby. It's about BOTH goalies, not 1 or the other.
Johnathon Quick didn't outplay the opposing goalie every game last year, or even every win the Kings had last year (during the playoffs). Sometimes the best thing to have is a little help. Henrik gave up a bad goal. That's on him. Torts could have called a time out to settle down the team after something like that as well. Stralman could have easily cleared the puck before it became an issue. A lot of what-ifs.

Henrik outplayed Holtby in the 1st. Henrik began to out play Holtby in the 2nd. You can't give such a dominant powerplay so many opportunities and lean on Henrik so much.

I blame the 1st goal on lack of discipline and untimely penalties. I blame the 2nd goal on lack of alertness from both Girardi and McDonough. The 3rd goal is on Henrik.

Holtby was in great position on a few of those saves but he was not the better goalie tonight. He was more lucky than good. That's not a good trend for the Caps.

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