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Originally Posted by Montreal Russians View Post
Bonk has savvy and he can score, he can skate, he is hard to knock off the puck, he is like the glue on the fourth line, he is also very prominent at blocking shots.
I'm sorry, but I don't agree with you.... at all. Bonk did score. He scored about 18 god forsaken goals in his last 2 seasons, despite playing 127 games.

He can skate... which is really a good asset for a hockey player to have. It would really be a shame if Begin had to pull him along the ice.

I don't remember Bonk being especially hard to knock off the puck. I must have been sleeping.

Begin is the glue on the 4th line. Never forget that. Replace Begin with Sundstrom and you have a bunch of well positioned signalisation cones. I don't think cones cost 2.4 mil a season.

Watch Begin blocking shots. That's a shot blocker. When Bonk will throw himself on the ice, sacrificing his body to block a booming slapshot from under 10 feet, then I'll call him a shot blocker.

Maybe Bonk will prove me wrong this season. The Habs are my team so I just guess I'll root for the 6'3'' slacker. I would not be saddened if Bonk got lost on our way to Boston tuesday. As a matter of fact, I would not be saddened if we left Bonk in Boston...

Some say he would be less hated if he earned 900k. Its true. The problem here is that he doesn't get 900k, he earns 2.4 mil. The only players earning more than him are Koivu, Kovalev, Samsonov and Huet (you could include Souray and Rivet at 2.4 too but... meh).

If we could find a way to dump him somewhere far from montreal (the arizona desert would be a nice place) and replace him with Lapierre, Murray or just a fan in a pink skidoo outfit I would be more than happy (the fan in the pink skidoo outfit would just have to throw himself in front of shots... we would then praise him for being a shot blocker).

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