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05-02-2013, 11:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Mentallydull View Post
**** yeah, I like your style
The Kings got their ass kicked twice that series, it was nothing like this one. The Kings straight out got ran over by a great team. Then they went out there and won 4 straight. Why can't that happen now?

If it doesn't happen, oh well, but if it does, I don't wanna read BS like "I knew the Kings would do this" or "I knew the Kings were better than the Blues." Nah, it's clear now, some of you have no faith in this team whatsoever. Even though they gave us our best moments as hockey fans it's time to stick the knives in after losing two road games. That makes me sick and it's embarrassing.

The margins are tight, the Blues made two better plays than the Kings did over two games, and that's that. Now the series comes to our turf where Kings fans can stand up and be counted and do the same thing Blues fans did in St. Louis.

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