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05-03-2013, 12:37 AM
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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
First good view I see of it.

It's as I suspected, the shoulder hits the head first.

Right before Fraser pauses the video to show where the contact is, watch Eller's head snap backward. Just 0.2 sec before he pauses it (EDIT: It's at 36-37 sec). the contact occurs 0.2 sec before he pauses it. It's pretty clear that the head is the first point of contact. Wow that video is incredibly dishonest.

The second view from behind you can't see anything. It's worthless.
I agree with you. I just took these snapshots from that video.

There is no reason for Eller's head to turn like that unless it is being contacted. It would be going backwards (perpendicular to the way it is actually going) if it was due to the body being hit alone.

Obviously Gryba got his body, but he ALSO got his head. Why does that disqualify it as a hit to the head? Particularly when the hit is lined up and Eller doesn't move at all!!?

Going to repost this in the Eller thread incase your point gets lost on the Gryba defenders. Not malicious in intent, but still a hit you cannot make. WHY? Well look at what happened. And similar hits get made where the player is ok and so it goes un-policed (although this one was IMO far more brutal than people are making out).

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