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Originally Posted by Hawkguy View Post
No man, I see the body make contact and then the shoulder contacting as he follows through. I wish I saw it your way. ... well if I'm wishing, I wish we weren't discussing this and Eller was never hit at all.

We need one of those frame by frame video experts to get in here.
Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
First good view I see of it.

It's as I suspected, the shoulder hits the head first.

Right before Fraser pauses the video to show where the contact is, watch Eller's head snap backward. Just 0.2 sec before he pauses it (EDIT: It's at 36-37 sec). the contact occurs 0.2 sec before he pauses it. It's pretty clear that the head is the first point of contact. Wow that video is incredibly dishonest.

The second view from behind you can't see anything. It's worthless.
I agree with you 100%. The head snaps back before the body takes the hit (36-37 seconds in). According to the rule, if my understanding is correct, Gryba took the body at the same time and although I think it's a vicious blind-sided hit (which a lot of people seem to think is ok, unfortunately), I doubt Gryba gets a heavy suspension if any at all.

This is awful for the team as I thought that Eller was instrumental in the Habs' success. Now I'm a bit worried about the rest of this round.

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