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05-02-2013, 11:49 PM
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Wow. Just wow. I said Kings in 4 or 5 so I'm giddy to be wrong. I did not think the Blues had this in them against a team like that. The Blues possibly/probably stole one the Kings had an edge in tonight, but it was kind of an earned steal if that makes sense. And Game 1 was incredibly more lopsided than this one.

All bets are off now. I didn't think they had this emotional level in them; in fairness it had never been seen by this team or any Blues team so three decades-plus of conditioning will do that to you. But damn.

I realize there are shots being taken at me for the Bouw stuff in this thread. He's been good. Not great, good. Which is good. But the Kings convert that time they worked him along the halfwall in the third, steal the puck and walk in with three guys all of a sudden with a glorious scoring chance can be attributed to Elliott saving Bouw's ass, because he'd have been a goat if not for that.

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