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05-03-2013, 12:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Ditchweed View Post
You absolutely do not need the blow to the head to get a concussion. A hard hit to the torso can also cause a concussion, plus a hard hit to the torso can also cause the head to snap back just as in a whiplash which also can cause the brain movement.

Also keep in mind that a person standing still as versus a person going hard in one direction and then being hit hard by something from the opposite direction magnifies the impact. (Think of a car running into a wall at 60 mph vs a head on collision of two cars going 60 mph ... the force of impact is 120 mph.)

Why on earth do you dunce caps not understand that?
If you doubt that ever happened in football or rugby then you know absolutely nothing about sports medicine.
Maybe because the laws of physics say it isn't so? Here it's explained in simple terms.

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