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05-03-2013, 03:51 AM
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Originally Posted by svat View Post
this can't be a serious post. rights to UFA's usually go for what? 6-7th round picks? 4-5th at best? You are saying that the difference between 22-30 and POSSIBLY TOP 5 is a 4th round pick at best?
ufa that are going to sign go for like firsts... philly/Nashville showed us this with hartnall and the timmonen

if a ufa isn't going to sign... then the pick is a lot lower. I guess when hamuis got traded he was telling them he wont sign but it was worth a gamble anyhow.

if we could be adult... grown up... talk to Horton like a man... help him find a great landing spot... and give the other team permission to talk to Horton before the trade so a deal in principal is agreed to...

then suddenly we aren't trading only the rights to an ufa that we cant sign... suddenly we are dealing a bonafide top 6 guy with 30 goal potential and some grit

we are in fact, dealing another scott hartnall.

im not 100% sure Horton will cooperate for us the way hartnall will but don't be so dead set sure that its useless to try. In fact it would be ignorant and stupid not to try to work something like this out.

we cant afford to bring Horton back without moving someone of similar cap hit... so hes most likely gone. we should try to get something if hes walking anyhow

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