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05-03-2013, 06:12 AM
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Im still not convinced that was a clean hit. The replay's are to inconsistent in what they show, and the TSN, RDS and other show hosts were too quick to deem it clean. It wasn't the dirtiest, but it was Reckless. If Hansen's "hit" on Hossa was reckless and got 1day suspension, this IMO should get more based on that..

I tried to explain on the main board, that by using math, you could determine the impact point, speed and velocity and thus determine where he is hit first. To me ,and the first numbers indicate this, the whipping of the neck is an unnatural movement if he is hit in his chest or on his shoulder.

As always, I was attacked straight away, and accused of wodoo and what not. It's strange that by using logic, they made me seem like a madman Not my fault they don't recognize the power of math, and that it can litterly be used for everything.

In the end they just became personal because they had no sane answer, and all of sudden I was thrown out of the discussion. No warning no nothing.. Im starting to really dislike these forums!

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