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05-03-2013, 06:35 AM
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Torts is good on the radio with Michael Kay,Mike Francesa and Chris Russo. Even in the groups after practice,Torts is nicer to some reporters than others. He hates Pat Leonard of the News. He snapped at Leonard a few days ago after a question about practice time. It was a stupid question. That is a MSG and NY Daily News deal. The Garden hates that newspaper. Frank Isola is the Knicks beat writer for the Daily News. The Garden despises Isola.

Somewhere along the way he got on the team's bad side. These days, the Knicks will not allow Isola or anyone else from the News to conduct one-on-one interviews with players or coaches. The team's publicists regularly warn players, Madison Square Garden employees, and even other reporters to stay away from him, Isola told me.

"The assistant coaches, they're sometimes afraid to even look at you," he said. "It's the most bizarre working atmosphere."
Isola said he had a good relationship with Barry Watkins, the team's former head of public relations, but it has been a different story with Jonathan Supranowitz, who assumed the post in 2006. "I haven't spoken to the guy in four years," Isola said. "First of all, because he's evil. And he's a bad guy. Supranowitz. He's the worst."

He blames Supranowitz for the ouster of former Knicks assistant coach Tom Thibodeau, who is now the head coach of the Chicago Bulls.

"I've known Tom Thibodeau for 15, 16 years," Isola said. "He has never once given me a story. We were just very friendly. Whenever I used to get a story, he used to accuse Tom Thibodeau. Here's a guy who might be coach of the year, but they wanted to run him out of the organization not because he didn't do his job well—he was great at his job. They thought he was leaking stuff to me. This is how dangerous some of the people are in this organization. Tom is the most loyal employee you'll find, and these knuckleheads ran him out because they thought he was telling me stuff. I mean, give me a break."

Great stuff.

Even with the Rangers,John Rosasco stands next to Torts when he answers questions. When a Ranger player talks to the media,Rosasco or another blonde hair guy is standing next to the player. Brian Boyle was standing next to Rosasco talking to the media yesterday. Boyle was looking at Rosasco when the media were asking questions. Remember the scene in Casino when Nicky Santoro went to the casino to gamble then he wasn't allowed. The blackjack dealer is looking at the pit boss. Santoro tells the dealer "why are you looking at him?". Someone should have asked Boyle that yesterday.

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