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05-03-2013, 07:53 AM
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To answer the OP, yes, this team will be competitive. They should be back in the playoffs, but I wouldn't be expecting a deep run with the present line-up.

As for their place in the playoffs were this a full schedule, it's probably but far from a slam-dunk. Too many variables and I take the 10-5 record after they were all but out of contention with a grain of salt in such an odd schedule. Mindsets and pressure levels when there's only pride to play for are fickle things.

And I don't want to go on a rant here ...

... but the idea of momentum into next season I've seen in a couple of threads is ridiculous. Momentum changes between periods and even from one shift to the next. To think that the collective psyche of the team will be positively affected over a summer, through the playoffs in which they are not a participant, and with a largely different roster (given the near complete change in defensemen) is devoid of logic.

On Meszaros, his cap hit can certainly be put to much better use in the off-season. Yes, he is a better defensive option than most available when he is healthy, but I have lost confidence that he can do his job on a regular shift over a long stretch of the season with his frailty. And with the Flyers' propensity to spend to the cap and Pronger's contract taking up permanent residence on the LTIR, playing "what if" with Meszaros is (IMHO) a luxury this team cannot afford.

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