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Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
Piracy was and is a huge problem, you can download the games and play them offline rather easily these days by just burning them to disc. Microsoft themselves won't be saying you need to always be connected, it'll be EA, Ubiosoft, etc, that will supplement their $20 multiplayer passes and stuff with these authentication requests to determine if you're the original owner or if it is a legit copy.
As far as the piracy goes - didn't that STILL requiring flashing your drive, and thus taking your Xbox apart to do? I hunted around for statistics on how common this actually was due to the steeper requirements to hack, but I never got the impression it was hugely widespread.

That said - it's not the central point.

The central point is treating your paying customers like criminals is for the birds.

I don't think Microsoft gets absolved of criticism because they're giving developers the option. They had to write code, at the system level, to enable that sort of thing. I'm not going to buy a system knowing that at any point developers might say "let's force internet-on, always!"

Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
While that sucks for a lot of aspects, I am positive there will be only a select few games that come out with always connected to the internet requirements and that will be because it is Sim-Cityesque where your interactions change your neighbors interactions in live time. Most of the time it will be a one off authentication check that will just require temporary connection to your wifi.
I really doubt that. These are the same publishers that pushed rootkits onto your system and are forcing online-presence for single player games. If piracy is really rampant on the 360 today, why do you feel "positive" that these guys wouldn't flip the switch? They probably pressured Microsoft into introducing the functionality in the first place.

Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
I don't understand why people are ready to take their stand here, when companies like EA have been stealing money for their DLC passes for years and multiplayer passes and all kinds of crap to mess with the used game market and to push out incomplete games to customers to meet a yearly turnaround time. That's the real crime, not Microsoft allowing for a certain technology type to be used.
A lot of the people you're talking about DIDN'T buy those games from EA or buying their DLC. Microsoft is enabling their garbage on the console at the detriment of paying customers. I get that plenty of folks probably don't care about that factor enough or are OK that they won't be able to use their systems whenever their internet goes down or the game servers go down. Plenty of customers have made their stand already, though.

If all of this is true when we hear the official details from Microsoft, I sincerely hope it pushes people toward either the PS4 or PC. Microsoft enabling this sort of behavior is BS, and of course the best part is that the pirates will inevitably find a workaround anyhow, leaving the only ones suffering to be, yet again, the paying customer.

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