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05-03-2013, 08:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Well I had the pleasure of missing the game last night at a pre-screening of Iron Man3. At the time I was upset about it but now I guess I was better off.

Saw the highlights and Price giving up the goal through the five hole is pathetic. That never used to happen with him... not sure what's up with him but it's not good.

We might even have bigger problems at the other end of the ice with Anderson making 48 freaking saves. Two goals on 50 shots? That's nuts.

As for Eller, ugly situation but I don't think it's a suspension. Won't surprise me if the league gives him a game because the result was so ugly but it's a suicide pass up the middle... I don't think the hit was dirty but there's definitely head contact. The guy might wind up with a game but I don't know that he really deserves it. But man what an ugly hit that was...
Funny - I was invited to that prescreening but couldn't go (have a buddy in the business). In retrospect I wish... ah whatever... you know...

I see this series as the proving ground for Price. We keep talking about his potential, but at some point potential is whittled away and you become defined only by real results. And here we are in the playoffs, where real results have no place to hide. Last night left me as mystified as you and more than a bit worried. But still, one game isn't a series. Price can bounce back. We've said this before. The difference this time is that unless Price has a great series, his reputation may take a permanent hit that all the potential in the world won't be able to cure.

We need to know whether Price is what his potential says he is, and the only way is to give him this series and see what he does with it. Final judgments are reserved for now.

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