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Originally Posted by Reduxs View Post
Why are people here so high on Zadorov? He's a hulking defensive defenseman who has shown limited offensive upside in half a season's worth of work. We already have Grossmann, Coburn, and Schenn who basically play the same game as him. Yes, there's a POSSIBILITY that 4-5 years down the line he could develop some puck moving skills, but chances are far greater that he becomes the next Coburn (who people thought could develop puck moving skills). Bad franchises are made by reaching for a guy out of need instead of selecting a superior talent (such as Monahan).

No, we don't necessarily need another center, but established surplus pieces can always be moved for established surplus pieces on another team. Look at Coots. Not that I want the Flyers to move him, but in a year and a half of work he's become one of the most desirable young players in the league, and everyone wants him. That gives us a lot of flexibility, certainly moreso than a run of the mill defensive defenseman who projects to be a middle pairing guy.
I agree on Zadorov. I think a lot of people have this view of him being like Shea Weber and going from a guy who doesnt put up points in Juniors and turning him into a shutdown defender that puts up 50 points. When you try to take one of those big defenders and make them into a two way threat, it takes a while. Weber played 2 more years in Juniors and then a season in the AHL. Even a guy like Chara took 5-6 years until he developed an offensive game. For every guy like Weber and Chara who are able to fit that mold there are 20 that turn into Coburn. I'd be more inclined to take a guy with size that already has the offensive game and work to fine tune the defensive game. Personally I think Ristolainen is the closest to being NHL ready and while he wont be a key for a couple years I can easily see him being a 40 point defenseman when he's 20-21 while the other guys may just be breaking into the league.

As for your Couturier point, I agree that taking the best player you can puts you in a position to make a trade down the line but at the same time, people want Couturier because his stock is perceived to be low right now. For example, we could have taken Dougie Hamilton instead of Couturier at the draft but Boston wouldnt swap the two now. Defensive prospects are more risky but once they prove they can play, they become much more valuable.

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