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05-03-2013, 09:02 AM
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lands: As far as I know Kaj will not be commentating this year. At least not on any free channels. Maybe on a pay channel but I haven't even heard of that so probably not. It's a shame really, only reason why it wouldn't hurt too bad if Antero is on a pay channel is that you would have Kunnas still commentating on swedish..
I love Kaj. YLE still holds the rights to the Olympics, right? So we could have him announce the games in Sochi.

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But at least he does it in a semi-manly way.

Saukkonen screams like a little girl every time someone shoots the puck in the offensive zone.
I want to bang my head into a wall every time I have to listen to Saukkonen announce a game. He had some epic fails in this year's WJC, like "Tshekit tulee kolmella kakkoseen!" and claiming there were Czechs on the ice when Finland was playing Switzerland. He even misses goals.

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