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05-03-2013, 10:05 AM
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Originally Posted by 416Leafer View Post
-Brodeur almost retired a year ago, and will be 41 next season IF he plays next season. You don't think his days as a legitimate #1 goalie might be behind him? Especially over an 82 game season?
-There's a decent chance Clarkson leaves via free agency. Not to mention Zidlicky, Zubrus, etc are also UFAs
-Elias is 37 (and also a UFA, but I'd be surprised if he left), do you think it's likely he'll be putting up ~75 points again? It could happen, but it's fairly likely we'll see a decline compared to his historical level of play
-There aren't the prospects in place to replace or upgrade on the aging players/players who could leave in free agency.

So like I said, IF NJ strikes out on free agency, my expectation is that they will finish in a similar spot, potentially lower.
- absolutely his days as a #1 goalie are behind him. Brodeur has been average or below it the past few years. and we still nearly won the Cup last season. I am sure Lou will be in the market to acquire a younger goalie to play behind Marty. also, they have a few young guys that they are very high on in the minors.
- what are you basing Clarkson leaving on? he LOVES the organization, loves Lou, and him and Deboer have been close for many years. as much as I don't want to overpay him I still think he is a pretty good 3rd liner. Zidlicky stinks. Zubrus would be a loss, yes, but there are similar players in FA they could replace him with should he leave.
- Elias just finished top 10 in the league in scoring a year ago. this past season, he was on pace for 60+ points in an 82 game season, with basically no help. Elias' game is based upon his hockey smarts. its not like hes using his speed or anything to beat players. I still suspect him to be effective for a few more years, ala Selanne.

again, this past year, the Devils had essentially the same team that nearly won the cup last summer. obviously, minus Parise. but the rest of the roster was very much the same. However, they had injuries to Brodeur (Hedberg sucks) and Kovalchuk, as well as Zubrus. couple that with no shootout luck or really no puck luck, and you have the season we had. I think over an 82 game season it would have evened out and the Devils would have made the playoffs, but that doesnt matter at this point.

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