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05-03-2013, 09:17 AM
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From my perspective, Karlsson lifted Prusts stick into Anderson and no it should not have been a penalty.....actually should have been a goal. Also lets call Anderson for diving there because he certainly sold it, unlike the supposed four on four where Prust got a penalty for apparently diving.

Also, one of the goals on price went off a defenders foot, another he was completely screened, his d failed to clear the front of the net and another was a bad rebound but lucky bounce.....Karlssons goal was only one that was worthy.....but that's just my honest opinion, which I am happy to share with fellow Habs fans.

The hit on Eller was a headshot to a player in a bad position and was a penalty. I don't think it was intentional though.

I'm not coming over to your thread to spew my view, because quite frankly my view is biased. Just like yours is. When you come to a Habs board with biased opinions against the Habs your looking for an argument. I'm done so dont bother continuing

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