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05-03-2013, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Knights77 View Post
Correct me if I am wrong, but the west plays the east once at home and once on the road all year so two times total right? (so I am not sure how Barrie played Owen Sound more than twice or more than any other Eastern team). But that is not my point.

I will exagerate for a moment to see if I can explain it better:
Ottawa is a horrible team. Lets say for a moment that the entire eastern conference was made up of teams just like Ottawa and then there is one good team, Barrie.
So Barrie wins most of the games all year against the 'Ottawa's' and ends up with a great record. In doing so, lets say against the western conference they are a .500 team - and lets say that they end up with 50 wins total for the year.
Their 50 wins is not as impressive as 50 wins is for a Western conference team as it is a tougher conference.
Going back to what I said about the Knights being 18-2 against the East, might also help the point that the East isn't as strong.
I don`t see what this has to do with this series. The Colts were 2 & 0 against Plymouth & Kitchener, 3-6-0-1 against Owen Sound & the shootout could have gone either way. They lost both games against London but one was a shootout & the other Colt won 1st period, London won 2nd period & the 3rd was even. So I would say the Colts did alright against the tougher West

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