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Originally Posted by Frankie Spankie View Post
They're non-returnable once they're sharpened which sucks. It felt fine at the store and fit perfectly there which really drives me nuts because if that's the case, how am I ever going to find a pair of skates that fit me just right when it feels perfect at the store but not on the ice? I could always go the route of selling them on eBay for a loss since I haven't used them much but I'd rather just try to keep them if I can.
That's a tough one man. It sounds like you are kind of screwed. I can understand your issue and your concern that you will never find the right skate, but the guy at your LHS should have guided you through the process. I'll offer up my experiences and someone with more knowledge can correct me if needed:

The way I understand how a skate should fit at the store according to a couple of different guys at my LHS is this;

-At the front of the skate your toes should not feel cramped, either width wise or height. The should however just barely touch the front of the skate. Then you should kick the heel hard to force your foot back and the toes should no longer touch the front. This is allowing for a bit of break in at the heel over time.

-Also the skate should not have any pressure points when you are just standing there or getting them baked, but they should feel snug. Again allowing for a little bit of break in all around.

I had the same concern that you did about skates feeling great in the store and right out the box. I bet if I put on a pair of Supreme's or Nexus' in store they would feel awesome b/c of the extra room for my narrow foot, but I know once I started skating they would be too big. I would hope that the person at my LHS would know to fit me in something different.

I just bought my second pair of Vapors. I went from an X30 to an X5.0. At first I was concerned about fit, but they turned out great. There is a little bit of pain right now right when I take them off, but that is to be expected as I break them in. Pretty soon I know they feel as good as my broken in ones.

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