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05-03-2013, 10:06 AM
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Originally Posted by PhXcoyotes View Post
I don't think any of my LHS offer that.
Ah well, I've felt that the RBZ plays a little stiffer than rated and compared to other sticks. However, I would guess that an 85 would still work for you. Hard for anyone to offer an exact estimate given that 'feel' is so personal and everyone shoots/passes differently with different expectations.

Originally Posted by jordanking87 View Post
Just got my warrior widow se delivered yesterday...what a long ass stick! Im gunna have to cut off almost 4 or 5 inches and I almost never have to cut my sticks more than an inch. Im kinda stoked about though because I got the 75 flex and Ive been wanting to try a stiffer flex, so after cutting it down it should be closer to 90. Overall the stick is the most balanced stick Ive ever held and the puck feel is insane...hopefully it will hold up for at least my summer session. Definitely reccomend this stick so far!
Nah, don't worry, you are within the range of length that you can chop off without it affecting your true flex rating. The stick's Dagger Taper has it flex much lower so as a result, you can cut off several inches and still be fine. Feel will obviously be a little different, but the true flex will remain the same.

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