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05-03-2013, 10:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Last nights games should once again demonstrate how much better the WC is then the East. Anybody watching LA/STL last night would have to say that those 4/5 clubs would give anybody in the East fits. LA was on their game and still lost to a very good blues team.

Not sure how many people remember me saying calm down when the Oilers were losing games to the excellent StL Blues. I said at the time Blues were a contender. They stumbled a bit after that but the Blues are back.

That said the Blues needed the W last night. LA will still be hard to push off the cliff if Quick gets his game back. LA was the better club last night and lost. At home they'll be better yet.

What we do know is that the Kings can play a whole playoffs at this pace. We don't know that about the Blues who are perhaps the more inconsistent club in big games.

Game 3 is huge.

Detroit/Anaheim was a treat as well. Again demonstrating how much stronger the west is. Detroit, in 7th place, would give most of the teams in the East a run for their money. I thought Howard had a brutal 3rd period. Lost to the commentators is he got beat for 3 goals but also gave up a couple of posts and almost allowed a goal from the goal line. Sure the Wings collapsed a bit but Howard had a bigtime meltdown. At the same time the Ducks were getting some enormous saves from Hiller. The Datsyuk chance in the 3rd and another couple saves were great.
Agreed. The style of intensity being played in the LAK-STL series makes me feel the SCF team will be coming out of that series.

The scary thing is LAK is playing just as well if not better than they did last year - the Blues are just 100% healthy and their system is now running like a machine. It's near-impossible to get zone possession time on that team now, and I personally feel their forechecking and mobile D would easily give CHI/PIT fits in a series. The only thing they lack is the high-power scoring ability that the other contenders do atop their lineups.

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