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05-03-2013, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by thadd View Post
Malone has spent a lot of time around a few incredibly talented forwards in Tampa and he's never accomplished a whole lot.
I don't mean to be rude or anything, but this argument is used for literally every forward in Tampa, whenever someone needs it to fit what they're saying. Teddy is only good because of Stamkos. Stamkos is only good because of Marty. Marty is only good because of Stamkos. Pouliot is only good because of Lecavalier. Lecavalier is only good because of Marty/Stamkos. Malone is only good because of Marty/Stamkos/Lecavalier.

It gets annoying. Without a doubt, when Malone is into the game, his presence is most definitely felt. He hits, doesn't really take a lot of ****, and is a big body. When he uses that big body is when he is most useful. He's a power forward, no doubt about it. He's just unfortunately made of glass, and misses a lot of time. I will admit, when he got back from injury towards the end of the season, his play was what could be best described as "hot garbage."

After reading these posts though, your prospect is someone I would be interested in for Malone. If he can waive, I wouldn't mind a deal being done, but I would like to squeeze at least a pick out of you as well.

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