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05-03-2013, 10:47 AM
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There's been a lot of debate about Lindros and the hockey hall of fame. I personally think that he should be there based on his hockey play alone. Once they start letting guys like Neely and Bure in, you have to let a game changer like Eric Lindros in.

However, he changed the game in two ways.
1) The big hulking power forward that could (and did) do it all.
2) He also went against all the internal and external pressure to play through injury and shed a lot of light on the dangers of concussions. It's because of Lindros that the league has any knowledge on concussions and how detrimental it can be to a players health and well being. It's because of Lindros guys like Crosby can have their bell rung and take the proper amount of time to recover and play again once they are symptom free.

Lindros changed the game and changed it for the better. We all hate to see our teams superstars sitting for a long period of time however deep down it's selfish of us to want them back before they are ready. It's just a sport/business and the players long term health is much more important than the game. Despite all the flack, the suffering and the ridicule that Lindros went through, the sport owes him. He did lots for the sport on the ice and did lots for the sport off the ice as a sort of unofficial ambassador for concussion research.

To me, not playing for Quebec was a dumb move and the only validated red mark on his file. Not reason enough to keep him out of the Hall.

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