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Originally Posted by Crozbar View Post
I became a fan in 1990-1991 ... So you know it's been a long bandwagon, but a band wagon nonetheless. Just jumping on a hot team, what more can you expect of a 6 year old ...
Hi me, is that me? I am a Futurama fan and your history is identical to mine! Right on!

Great thing about us bandwagon bunch, we were kids being introduced to a sport for the first time and needed to pick a team. Mario Lemieux..... how hard is that? Then I fell in love with Ron Francis.

Stuck with the team through all those crummy years (even was made fun of supporting the flightless bird team), and now we're back at fun times again! Those who are patient, get rewarded!

So one has to ask, are you a bandwagon fan if you still support the team through the good times and the difficult ones? Also, as a kid it's a wee bit different than teenagers and adults switching teams, because it's the popular thing to do, then fall off once things look bad again. No, I believe we were never bandwagon fans. We were smart.

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