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05-03-2013, 12:22 PM
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Originally Posted by RazielMoshman View Post
How many fans will be left at the end of that? Buffalo is already supposedly the 'USA's smallest hockey market'. Are there enough fans to stick around, buy tickets and merch for 4-5 abysmal seasons in order to POSSIBLY have a run at a cup? That's assuming that we could make a similar miracle run from 8th to the SC riding on a ridiculously hot goalie, which is actually what they did.
The Kings shot differentials from around the deadline on were among the best in the NHL. They had turned it on well before the playoffs and they didn't just ride Quick to a Cup win. They showed (yet again) that a mid-season coaching change can adjust a team's on-ice production. They also showed how to play a heavy game in support of their skill players on their way to that Cup win. Buffalo is just starting to build their prospect stocks. It's going to be a couple lean on-ice years, especially if they trade Miller and Vanek, until they're playoff competitive again, shy of the miraculous.

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