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05-03-2013, 11:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Again its not like I'm picky, but I like a place that can grill up a supreme cut whether it be Salmon, steak Ahi tuna, what have you. Downtown St. Albert, tbh, has more restaurants I like than I find downtown.

I don't like Brazilian Barbecue so can't stand Pampas. Ruth Chris is just an abortion to me, I guess I'm selective because I can do pretty good on a barbecue at home. So when I'm out at a reasonable establishment I have high expectations. I find they often don't deliver in downtown Edmonton and Certainly don't at the places I mention.
I think you are picky. Hell you say as much here. That's fine. But again, that's not a reflection of what DT has to offer.

Anyway you say theres nothing in Millwoods that appeals to you. How about southside. Bistecca, Sicilian Pasta Kitchen, Vons, Chop, etc.
Never tried Bistecca. Sicilian Pasta Kitchen is pretty meh to me. Vons is ok, but I'd rather drop that kind of money at Hardware Grill. Chop is just a slightly gussied up chain fare.

Theres many more places outside of the downtown that cater more to Edmonton tastes than in the downtown where places seem to get lost in serving only one demographic. Which I admit isn't me. But should downtown eateries be so selective in patrons?
If they are successful doing so, why wouldn't they? It's not like the middlebrow casual dining market in Edmonton as a whole is under served.

Finally, no mystery why Corso32 is packed, its a small restaurant with very limited space and tables.
It's also the only place in town doing what they do and one of the few (only?) places in Edmonton that wouldn't be out of place in a city like Toronto or Vancouver.

KInd iof strange in anycase to consider it in the context of a place to go after/before a game when you really can't without a month in advance reservation. For most casual downtown patrons Corso really isn't an option. Thats why I laughed. Corso doesn't fit at all, as a go to pre/post destination. Its not at all an on a whim choice
Well, the context was more restaurants in general.

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