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Originally Posted by LegionOfDoom91 View Post
You seriously like Zadorov over all those guys? I like Zadorov myself but not that much.


I would take Zadorov over Ristolanien but its pretty close to me. I wouldn't care either way really. I guess I'm more intrigued by Zadorov's upside than Ristolanien's.

Originally Posted by StoneHands View Post
I agree on Zadorov. I think a lot of people have this view of him being like Shea Weber and going from a guy who doesnt put up points in Juniors and turning him into a shutdown defender that puts up 50 points. When you try to take one of those big defenders and make them into a two way threat, it takes a while. Weber played 2 more years in Juniors and then a season in the AHL. Even a guy like Chara took 5-6 years until he developed an offensive game. For every guy like Weber and Chara who are able to fit that mold there are 20 that turn into Coburn. I'd be more inclined to take a guy with size that already has the offensive game and work to fine tune the defensive game. Personally I think Ristolainen is the closest to being NHL ready and while he wont be a key for a couple years I can easily see him being a 40 point defenseman when he's 20-21 while the other guys may just be breaking into the league.
I wasn't ranking Zadorov that highly until very recently, after I had a chance to do more extensive research...videos, articles, interviews, scouting reports etc. I just came away from all of that having a very high opinion of the kid. His attitude is to me especially impressive. He's very poised and seems to relish the opportunity to play against top compeition. He only just came over this season to play in north america and has adapted remarkably well. He has commented that he likes the smaller rink and fast pace.

“[In North America], it’s a very aggressive game; it’s very fast,” Zadorov said. ““I love playing in the smaller rink. I’m a bigger guy, I love the big hit, and I love playing aggressively." “I think I play better here.” Zadorov points to players like Ottawa’s Erik Karlsson and Philadelphia’s Chris Pronger as the players he likes to watch. “I like Pronger. He has a similar style of game,” he said. "Zadorov said he wants to work on “everything” to get better. He said he enjoys working in the gym, trying to add muscle to his already 225-pound frame.

Z has already established a rock solid defensive and physical game but I think maybe some people are discounting his offensive potential. The guy has a cannon, good hands and put up .40 pts per game in his 1st OHL season, which isn't too to Nurse who (at under 9.5 mos younger) had .19 pts per gm in his first OHL campaign last season. I would expect Zadorov's pts per game to increase significantly next season to .50 or more, which in a full season of games would give him 35-40 pts. At 6'7" 230 lbs, with his skating and mobility, positive attitude, strong work ethic, raw skills, and developing two-way game, I think he could be a pretty special player. His size and already strong defensive game combined with his offensive potential just seem to grade out to me as a stronger pick than most of the other D's not named Jones. I could be wrong, but my gut tells me he has the goods to be an impact player in the NHL...I think some teams who had a chance could end up regretting passing up on him. That isn't to say I don't also like Nurse, Pulock and to a lesser extent Ristolainen...I guess I just have a thing for Zadorov right now.

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