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05-03-2013, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by HansH View Post
Funny, I'm a Kings fan and it's beginning to look to me like there might be something to that point of view. Face it, over the last month or so, his decisions when it comes to physicality and where the line is or should be have been very suspect. I -want- him to play with an edge, because that's when he's the most effective, and why the other teams' fans hate him so much... but this has gone past playing with an edge. I hope he figures out the right balance before someone gets hurt, whether intentionally or not -- and that 'someone' could be Brown himself if he makes the wrong decision (saying he might hurt himself, not that he'd be beat up or anything like that, calm down people).

I'm just not that happy with his play - and that's been building for at least the last month. I'm not going to blindly defend him just because he's in the right colors and wears the "C". I won't utter one word of complaint if Brown were to be suspended for Game Three -- I don't think he will be, but the optics of that elbow less than two full games back from an elbow-related suspension are VERY bad. I'm a fan enough of HOCKEY (more than just of the Kings) to realize and publicly admit that.
Hans, this is pretty much exactly what I said in a post shortly after that one. Again, I'm far from thrilled with the play.

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