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Originally Posted by RazielMoshman View Post
'USA's smallest hockey market'.
Can you provide some context for this quote? Is it based on USA Hockey registrations? NHL market geography's? TV viewing audience share? Average personal income or other population demographics?

The Sabres franchise geographic market includes Southern Ontario, most of NY State I believe, west of Syracuse and I thought, even a small slice of Northwestern Pa.

If you got this from USA Hockey and their registrations, I would discount it since plenty of kids and adults playing in Canada wouldn't be counted by USA Hockey. And few adult leagues I have been associated with register with USA Hockey either.

Antedoctally (sp?), in my travels I have found WNY interest and intensity in hockey (at all levels) to be one of the strongest in the Nation. I don't have specific stats for this so I realize I'm being subjective. But my interactions with other hockey communities indicates to me that we are on the level of N England, Minnesota and Michigan when it comes to overall hockey interest. And way ahead of geography's like my adopted states of Colorado, Missouri and Texas (places I have lived).

I realize that from a census population perspective, Buffalo is one of the NHL's smaller cities. But in terms of intensity, I'd say WNY and the Sabres market territory is every bit as hockey obsessed as Edmonton, Winnipeg and Vancouver. (Places I have taken youth teams to tournaments.)

I think Sabre fans are in this for the long run.

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