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05-03-2013, 12:58 PM
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Originally Posted by coachfluffy View Post
Not sure that there is a test to confirm a concussion. It is more based on symptoms exhibited. "my head hurts and I am still a little dizzy". I understand he was a bit of a pita so maybe they did not care to have him back.
Players take baseline brain tests at the begging of the season. If a player is to thought to have suffered a head injury, they do tests to see if the brain is at the same level. These test are in the OHL, NHL, and now most Minor Hockey systems. Its much more complex then 'im dizzy'.

There is a VERY comprehensive test for concussions.

You personally may not like the kid, but if he tested for a concussion, there is no way he should be on the ice until those symptoms are cleared.

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