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Originally Posted by Evilo View Post
Landreau is really funny because he was really not good with Lille. Sure he has been strong with Bastia, but he's a media darling and shouldn't be that high.
Agassa had a tremendous season, but he also had a crucial game (4-2 loss) where he was directly responsible for 3 goals. That's just not doable.
Thuram had maybe two or three soft goals, but he saved a dozen of sure goals. Amazing talent. But of course, Troyes conceding that many opportunities, it makes him look good and he's rarely blamed for goals against.
Nah, I'd go with Mandanda and Sirigu as the two best goalies in L1.

As for players, Silva and Ibra are no brainers, and Cabella's been superb. Auba (as I said recently) is hot and cold but when he's hot, he's damn hot.

Grenier could be there. Valbuena put OM on his shoulders. Matuidi is arguably MVP so he should be up there of course. Nkoulou has been rock solid. These 4 could be arguably up there in the top 4. I'd take their season over Aubameyang's.


Looking at the ratings, I was really surprised that Nkoulou wasn't even in the Top 100.

I remember you were undicided on him when he joined from Monaco, but I was already impressed by then and even more so now.

Regarding to the other thread about Silva's quality, when I mentioned I would include two other CB's from L1 in my Top15, I was thinking about NKoulou and Lovren especially.

Not having seen a lot from lesser teams this season, so I'm sure you're a better judge whether someone else deserves a spot before those three, but I like quite a bit of Ecuele Manga, for example.

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