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05-03-2013, 03:45 PM
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Originally Posted by StormCast View Post
Care to point out my error or are you just the latest poster to get worked up because I don't buy the Staal is "elite" mantra that's apparently in the Blue Kool-Aid? I've already pointed out where Boyler was wrong about Staal's role the last 2 years and then backed it with empirical evidence.

What's so funny is that although I have seen the NYR and Staal play on a number of occasions, I have little doubt you guys have watched more than I have. However, even with that advantage, it was my observation - untainted by home team fandom I guess - that was accurate and proven to be so. But enough about me.

How dare you cite data? It's an interesting reaction, or over-reaction, to the simple assertion that Staal is not "elite" isn't it? And I love the because you disagree with my opinion, you haven't watched my team argument. Even when confronted with the facts, they stick to their beliefs. Maybe they are grumpy from witnessing some Capital punishment last night?

By the way, did I ever tell you that I think Lundqvist is overrated?
I haven't read through the whole thread. However I have seen you state time and again that Murphy, the 5th in 2013 and a prospect is an overpayment for Staal.

What I haven't seen, and again, I have not read through the whole thread, is what you think would be a fair offer for Staal?

Mind you, for all the brow beating you have bestowed on Staal, Staal's acquisition would make him your top defenceman AND you have to add in the marketing possibilities in having all four Staal's on the team.

I'm interested in finding out what you think he's worth and by all means, present a straight Hockey Trade offer, and then present the offer that takes into consideration the off-ice potential.

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