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05-03-2013, 06:04 PM
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Originally Posted by flapanthersfan View Post
he's 6'0 179 lbs. he plays nothing like a powerforward, instead uses his speed to be effective.

but yes, you're right. he's a powerforward, comparable to 6'3 225 lb David Backes in the fullest.

Instead of listening to me, check out these legitimate sources calling Nate Mackinnon a powerforward.
- A Direct quote

"During his first year of body contact, he always had that strong center of gravity and was so strong on his skates," Greenwood said. "People tried to run him, but he'd be ready for it. He'd go out of his way to finish checks and had no problem being the first forward in there, plowing someone over.Imagine that? Nathan MacKinnon, power forward"

I will save you some reading on the second link.
Another Direct quote -

"Style-wise, MacKinnon isn’t Crosby redux. At almost six feet and 180 lb., and growing fast, MacKinnon will be the bigger and more physical player by the time he hits his draft year in 2013. “MacKinnon will be a classic power forward,” says Florida Panthers scout Paul Gallagher, who coached Crosby in bantam. “He delivers big hits to make plays. He has an explosive first three steps, as good as anybody you’ll see out there.”

Silly me I found another one, here ya go
Direct Quote

"On the ice, the similarities are less apparent. MacKinnon does not possess the same vision as Crosby and is projected to be more of a power forward in the mould of Jeremy Roenick."

How do you feel now?I'm cracking up here usually when people debate on these forums its a my word vs your word debate. I don't ever remember anyone getting crushed like this before you should try and delete your old posts before people notice them

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