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Originally Posted by NJDevilsZG View Post
Why do Russians even care about northern euro players is beyond me, let alone pay top $$ for them. Their home boys play more interesting gametype. And are just great to watch, even when you don't have rooting interest.
I'm beside myself since Medvescak got accepted to KHL. And believe me, it's not cause I can't wait to see "my" AHL team at our rink.
Yeah I don't get it, Russian players are clearly better by default, someone should tell the NHL too. I'm sure they'd be more than willing to kick out Zetterberg, Bäckström and the others to take in more Russians. Uninteresting bunch of players, that's what they are.

These guys are career guys, thats how they make their living. So by that logic if Hagman was on a long term NHL deal he would quit once his retirement fund is set so he can go home and live in the nice house he built and send his son to a special school... I dont think so - Hagman has "uprooted" his family already by playing in the NHL for 10 + years. Playing in the KHL is like a vacation to him now - shorter season, closer to Finland, long mid season breaks for the tournaments so he can go home and visit family... oh and your right, the money is good for his pension fund too.
So by that logic, the KHL has a huge advantage over the NHL.
The KHL overpays players, so going to KHL to collect a ton of money they couldn't get anywhere else because:
1: The swedish/finnish league can't/won't match.
2: They are not good enough for the NHL/they play 4th line minutes and gets a low salary.
It's really simple.

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