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Originally Posted by dimi78 View Post
Hockey is a game of adjustments, do something the same long enough the other team figures it out. What your talking about is strategy the issue with the Leafs isn't necessarily strategy but ability from what is dressed that has this team in a rope & dope in terms of puck possession and finds it's self getting out shot cause they're spending more time in the D zone then the offensive zone.

I have my beliefs as to why Carlyle dresses the players he does especially on D where it's more about brawn and playing safe this year that has got to the point it's taken flow away from transitioning into playing offense effectively as five men units. The lack of smarts on the point is also a reason why they don't cycle effectively, the cycle isn't just the 3 forwards who are involved, The D men play a vital role in it .

Anyway my theory wont be popular around here but I believe this "SAFE & BRAUN" game plan Carlyle has in place defensively is do to not believing in his goalies and they need to be protected more than one likes, that's why Nonis was knocking on the door for a goalie not so long ago.

Yes they get out shot but like many others have said most of those shots are perimeter shots and that's the effect of the brawn on the blue line.

The issue that has crept into the Leafs game now is that this "BRAUN HEAVY" blue line is effecting the offensive flow of the teams game and Boston feasted on it in game 1.

The adjustment is clear for Carlyle but does he trust Reimer enough to do it? Those goals he gave up leaking through Reimer is the concern in why they play so safe with the strategy defensively to not chase, keep everything on the out side and collapse to protect the goalies from facing shots from the slot. We shall see but if both Gardiner and Liles don't dress next game it's clear to me anyway the coaching staff isn't sold on Reimer.

That's my theory fire away.
The goalies would be protected more if the defense was better at moving the puck & skating with it. The puck would be in the other teams end more. This 'safe & braun' theory does the opposite.

Why wouldn't the coaching staff have faith in Reimer? He is one of the, if not the biggest reason that they made the playoffs this year. Even in spite of getting constantly out shot by opposing teams.

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