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Originally Posted by octopi View Post
I was thinking of renting a rink and getting local hfboarders to join up.I'm sure there might be some interest However, the problems:

1. How do I handle the financial stuff? I guess I could collect money before if I got enough interest..

2. Whats the likelyhood I get sued if someone gets injured?

3. How do I know anyone I contact isn't a serial killer?

4. Would this really work?
I've thought about doing the same, but never did. I kind of co-run one now. The two most important things I have learned. Get two or even three goalies to commit to playing every week, and try and get as many people as you know to play. Ask the people at your local hockey shop. See if you can post a flyer or know of people who are looking for some ice time. Set up one of those free email addresses and hand it out to people who might be interested.

Anyway, always collect prior to playing. You don't want to have to deal with someone saying they forgot their wallet after then have already skated. If you have extra cash put it in the pot and save it for a week where there is a small turn out. Be up front with everyone about how much it will cost. It will aviod senseless whinning about $$$$.

I would say the likelyhood is slim, but it did happen with a group I skated with. A guy took a puck to the face and turned around and went after the guy who ran it for his medical bills. He even encourged me to do the same when I needed facial surgery to repair my badly broken nose. I don't believe he got anything. However, if you are in Canada you may want to look into your responsability if something does happen.

There is no way of really knowing that. I have meet some really nice guys who turn into complete lunitics one they lace up the skates. The thing you need to do is control it. If someone is gooning it up or playing cheap, tell them to cut the crap. If they don't, tell them not to bother coming back. Thing is, you have to get on it before it gets out of hand. Let the boys play...or girls. Bumping, pushing and body postion are part of the game.

It will work, but it might take some time. You need to establish a solid core of people who will show up every week.

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