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Originally Posted by Whileee View Post
I completely agree... the timeline doesn't work.

My guess is that the NHL has a relocation option already lined up (probably QC), and if the Gosbee group comes up short with the NHL, or if the COG can't ram through an unencumbered lease agreement within a few weeks, the Coyotes will be relocated before next season. I can't imagine that they would see any advantage to owning the team through a full "lame duck" season. I expect that the NHL also knows that the Glendale option is hanging by a thread, and is likely using all of these discussions as a ploy to leverage the best deal possible from the suitors in QC.
Interesting crossroads the NHL is at. If they gamble to try and push through a new owner to keep the Coyotes there, the timeline is as such that if the deal falls apart, the team is stuck in Glendale for another season and the NHL is left holding the bag (the bag nobody wants).

Originally Posted by Killion View Post
That there just doesnt appear to be any action, nothing going on in Glendale at City Hall suggests to me the NHL's already pulled the chord, landing elsewhere. Just doesnt make sense. If this was real real Bettman & or Daly would be camped out in Glendale, Council being forced to deal with whatever it was/is that's being proposed. No way does one adopt a completely laissez faire attitude & position about things as Daly seems to have done unless decisions of import havent already been made, a determination as to the disposition & location of the franchise already determined. Either there staying put for yet another year (and Id give that less than a 10% chance of happening) or this is all but over for Phoenix.
It is too quiet. Heck, even for a legitimate illegitimate scam like when Bettman pulled the strings and appeared in a stand-up act with his dummy Jamison dancing a JIG. If there was a real owner, there would be more PR, if there was a fake owner trying to bilk Glendale, there would be more PR and a public appearance by the Great Gosbee. That suggests maybe the NHL knows Glendale won't give them much of anything and they didn't even care to assemble a fake timeline of events within the confines of the real timeline (deadline for relocation to be able to ice a team next season elsewhere).

With all the clowns, white elephants, and contortionists in this show, has anyone ever contacted Barnum & Bailey Circus to see if they want to add a hockey team to their traveling sideshow? P.T. Barnum's old quote seemed more relevant in Glendale than any other place given what's happened there.

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