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ECQF: 5th Toronto (0) vs 4th Boston (1). The "I Will Survive" Edition

Previously in Leafs Nation:

The Leafs Made the Playoffs for the first time in 9 years. We all squealed and jumped for joy... in fact you could say, or rather James Brown could squeal that:

And then we drew the Big Bad Boston Bruins, and then some of us were, all like well, that just sucked. (oh, and Kessel didn't talk to the media on Monday, to tell us once again how he feels about playing against Boston. And The Trade. Because you realise there are Leaf Fans in Timbuktu who haven't heard about the Kessel for Seguin and some other players who were at the time numberless picks yet. Shocker !!. I know).

And then Wednesday, May 1st came along. And Boston showed up to play some hockey.

Toronto did too. for you know. ten minutes. And then, JVR had a beauty shot off the crossbar, and then it went the other way, and then. well. Wade Freaking Redden took a shot, and Nathan Horton deflected it in.

And then we went off to play go--

You mean. there's more hockey to be played?! Colour me shocked! If we were to listen to most of the media. (and a major portion of people on these lovely, lovely boards), we were eliminated Wednesday. but nosiree, we were not!

Hold on to your hats, boys and gals, that's right. It's game two time!

Gloria Gaynor wrote a song, just for our boys in Blue

Leaf Notes at a glance:

* Mike "Costco/Cost-ya" Kostka (aka: Thor to some) have a broken finger. Leaf Nation sends him a basket of flowers, and a lot of get well laters.

* Cory Franson has a bruised foot. We don't know his status.

* Kessel has a boo-boo on his wrist. But, the guy beat cancer, plays with one nut, and hasn't missed a regular season game in three years. Dude's gonna play, and beat Mr. Giant Wingspan.

* In the midst of all the DOOM! DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! I'm not sure if this was ever really presented to the Leaf Nation, but the Leafs have less than 250 games combined of Playoff Experience. (Bruins? over 1000. So all that Shock 'n' Awful: kind of to be expected).

* Andrew "the flying elbow Ference will not be playing, as Shanahan and company gave him 1 game. (Yes, we're in playoffs now!)

And now we interrupt this GDT for some statistical analysis. We will bypass Misters Corsi and Fenwick to just give you the briefest highlights of Game One

(from the Facebook group)

And now, time for Lineups!

(Randy is keeping secrets! aka. I have no idea, let me know).

But I forsee Hamilton/Colburne/Frattin coming in for Orr/McLaren and ???


Stupid Julien is secret too! (again, I have no clue).

Dougie Hamilton will most likely play due to the Ference suspension

Keys to WIN this game:

* 60 minutes of competitive play.
* good speed from defensive zone to the Offensive zone.
* shooting the puck helps wonders
* no flip passes
* no freaking out
* "Silent" Jay McClemment and his merry band of PK men.

these two big mouths

Mr "Clutch" goal... most of his awesome missing since Sandwich hit in Philly.

Needs to activate his super saiyan powers

having a HUGE game, and take some pressure off Kessel so he can do his awesome. (if Kessel could channel his sister's championship winning powers that would be great).

Kadri quote "This is a Winnable Series." and I think it is. If the guys can play the way we know they can, and not the team we've seen all April.

Oi, Boston! We're Here! And we've Burned the Boats



A P.S. to Leafs Nation.

Honestly - I KNOW they've not been playing well. I know Game 1 either shocked (or didn't shock) a lot of you. But this isn't basketball. It's not football. It's Hockey. anything can happen. We need to channel this:

and also this:

because, at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself this one, simple question:

I do.

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