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05-03-2013, 10:36 PM
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Originally Posted by CorpseFX View Post
player intent and how frowny these little boys would have been if they took a dump in those final two games. we've already seen little boys like Gagner, in the past, contact EA Sports for making his statistical attributes in a video game less than desirable. poor poopy diaper.

i have no problem with the monetary bonus. i have a problem with intent and immaturity on a hockey team of flunkies who play soft and can barely make tape to tape plays consistently. but then are all boners and butt pats when they hit a bonus for each other.

we wont know for sure but its more than curious.
If the group that you are dumping on had gotten all their points in the one game against the Canucks then you have an argument. It took the prior 47 games for those receiving bonuses to get to that point. So you should have dumped on these guys all year for getting points purely to reach that Vancouver game. Clearly you believe that is all they were doing throughout the season.

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